• What does it feel like to get COVID-19? How long does it last?
  • What should you do to lower your risk of ending up in the hospital or dying?
  • If you are infected, how can you maximize your chances of recovering quickly?

Nobody knows… But you can help us find out!

Beat19 is a real-time initiative to gather data about how COVID affects people and get actionable insights to researchers and the public at large. You can participate whether you are well or infected.

Complete brief daily email surveys and be immediately alerted to actionable findings regarding COVID-19. Check this site daily for graphical summaries of key findings.

Join the global movement. Let’s #Beat19 together!

Join the Beat19 movement!

Your social media login or phone number is only used to confirm that you’re a human. It is not shared with or linked to the actual BEAT19 study data.

  • What is Beat19?

    Beat19 is a research study designed to help us all learn about what happens before, during and after you have symptoms of infection by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It is a way to collect and share knowledge from three types of people.

    1. People who are feeling sick and have tested positive for COVID-19
    2. People who are feeling sick but have not tested positive for COVID-19
    3. People who are not feeling sick but want to participate

    Participants provide data to an IRB-approved registry, using a short daily survey about symptoms and medications. Beat19 will provide ongoing analysis of data updated daily and displayed at our website and access to curated information about development of new treatments for COVID-19.

  • How does Beat19 work?

    People register on-line and provide consent for the use of the data that they submit into the study. You will also be asked about how you feel, your level of stress, and any symptoms that you might be having. Most questions are in the form of “Yes or No”, “on a scale of 0 - 10”. For example, “On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is like being dead and 10 is perfect health, how do you feel today?” The information that is collected from the study is aggregated and shared with all study participants.

    If new knowledge (“a signal”) emerges from the data, then participants whose data contributed to the signal may be contacted to ask for their approval to request additional information from their healthcare providers for further and more detailed analysis.

    All your personal information will be kept private and secure. The research team will analyze the data and share information publicly about findings that may impact the care of patients. You have the option to leave the study at any time and the study team will ask you for your permission before trying to obtain your medical records.

  • What do I get from joining Beat19?

    When you join Beat19 you get:

    1. Access to a dashboard of the combined data from participants
    2. Actionable information that can help keep you and your loved ones healthy
    3. The opportunity to help the world #Beat19
  • How do I join Beat19?

    You can join by registering via your social media account or with a mobile phone number.

    We only use this information to confirm that you’re a human. It is not shared with or linked to the actual Beat19 study data.

  • I am a researcher and I want to help, what can I do?

    Use the Beat19 data to look for patterns and test hypotheses.

    If you would like access to the de-identified dataset or want to pose a specific research hypothesis, contact us at research@beat19.org.

    The success in beating COVID-19 depends on everyone working together. If you want access to the de-identified dataset or want to pose a specific research question, contact us at research@beat19.org. We will put up an automated download portal and index the dataset on Google’s database search and at Kaggle soon.

  • What about Beat19 outside the US?

    Beat19 was started in the US but this is a global problem. We have already seen a lot of international submissions and we are looking for international partners who want to translate the survey, as well as submit the protocol and consent form to an ethical review board in their country. Contact us at research@beat19.org if this is something you can do.

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